birds sing a pretty song.

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contemporary dance. live music. film. interactive.

birds sing a pretty song. is a performance piece following two dancers and three musicians striving to connect while navigating through a world of increasing surveillance. Birds sing a pretty song. questions the loss of reality and awareness in our digital age. 

The work has been presented in New York City, Vancouver Canada, Sofia Bulgaria, Jerusalem Israel, San Diego USA and Montreal Canada. 

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created by: Rebecca Margolick & Maxx Berkowitz

choreography: Rebecca Margolick

dancers: Chuck Wilt & Rebecca Margolick

composers: Jake Klar & Maxx Berkowitz 

percussion: Bruno Esrubilsky & Jonathan Schmidt

lighting design: Sam Mason & Kryssy Wright & Miriam Abrahams

text: Jake Klar & Rebecca Margolick


This piece was created with support and residencies from The Chutzpah! Festival Vancouver, LABA|Laboratory for Jewish Culture and The 14th St Y Theater NYC.